Legal constraints and ethical guidelines


Before you start this project and contract, remember to know about the legal.

You have to consider that there is a copyright law, release form and public liability insurance etc.

The dictionary meaning of the law is the social norms of state power.

Legal constraints meaning is that your project may be constrained by a variety of licensure and other actions, based on the industry and activities the project wants to pursue.

You cannot to do thing belong to legal constraints like wrongful discharge and discrimination against workers.

And you must to do within the legal constraints that govern them to avoid potentially costly legal breach.
Otherwise you will have to pay a fine.


Legal constraints

qwe     film
Korea legal constraints should have the following details classified as factors.
– Themes
– Sexuality
– Violence
– Dialogue
– Fear
– Drugs
– Imitation risk

I think the most important rating is ‘Not watching youth’.
When movie receive ‘Not watching youth’ , reason is sexuality and violence.
Out of all of these ranks, I believe that the rank requires parental guidance is the most important.
The movie that require parental guidance includes lots of violent and inappropriate scenes.
Also the most important factor that determines think rank is the sexuality.

BBFC has the many detailed guidelines.
In the korea has just four and five guidelines.
BBFC divide 12 into 12 and 12A , and The reason that there were between detail.
Not also 12 but 18.
In the BBFC, It is broken into various grades based on various criteria.

We have to watch movie of appropriate age rating of the movie.