Story Board

Story Board


This is my First website home screen.
Top is Title.
Middle is introducing video and bottom is gallery about my website introducing place.


This is about Food category.
I introduce 4 food and information in place you choose.


This form is about that where to go to see interesting things.


This form is How to get there.
I explain the way to go interesting place.

Download File =  Story_Board

Mood Board

I think Mood board can help that the element of variety of colors and textures come together, to complement each other.

Collection of images and text expressing a certain topic or subject is often used for project work.

It is included photograph, color and any kind of shape.
Mood = How do you feel about it (=emotion)
It is important to decide the color your production design.

Red : danger , warning
Green : World, Everything is OK. Free, safety

<My website Mood Board>


My website concept is Seoul’s beautiful and tradition Street.

I want to show both the tradition of Korea and beauty of street of Seoul city to visitors.

I think that visitors want to see tradition and beautiful, too.

So I am going to visit SSAMZIE-gil (Insadong), N-Tower(Namsan), Yihwadong mural town and Seoul Fortress way.

I use dark brown, Crimson, light pink and light green colors.

I think dark brown color is that ancient palace of Korea. So this color can show the most traditional color.

And crimson color is ssamzie-gil’s color and Street food in Korea’s representative.

I think that Light pink color is representative of beautiful color.

Light green color is that Namsan tree’s color and forest color.

It can show clean and nature.