Today some friends had an interview.
So today lesson was postponed to Friday.
And I hope there is good news to all friends.

I did self study today.
I wrote a description of the documents.
Everett teacher was explained to me the deficient parts to me.
Teacher said detail is very important.
If we write more detail, we can get more score in the report.
So I modified production schedule and budget report more detail.

Teacher said give the feedback to each students.
However there was no time, it is too bad I did not receive the feedback of my blog. T_T

Today was Wednesday. And class was just two times left.
I would like to finish perfectly.


d18 b18


saint_fg.0001 SaintBG.tif



Today In the after effect class I learned green and blue screen in the movie and drama.

Usually i was wonder why they use not pink?

Always there are green or blue.

Teacher said It because green and blue color is not common in the day life.

And I learned key light. We decide the color and remove that color background.

I was happy to learn one skills.

And I make this funny video 🙂



I learned ‘WIX’ in the Everett teacher class.

WIX was very simple tool to make web page.

I just add and adjustment the composition of the Website.

And then website has changed as I want.

I can make website very quickly to use ‘WIX’.

It was amazing and  i love it.


Hi  my diary 🙂

Today is Monday.

I could start fresh.!

In the ‘After effects’ class  i learned about mask.


I mixed this two pictures to use mask skill.

dino0034 trus0035

Result is this.


I first met Everett teacher.

I learned design tools.

<Design Tools>

design to

There were WIX, Cacoo and Google web designer.

There were very simple and fantastic tools.

I am going to make website using this tools.




And we learned British Board for classification.(BBFC)

BBFC has many rating like U, PG, 12A, 15, R18.



Include photograph, color, and kind of shape.

Teacher said it was like emotion.







And today is Friday.

I could not believe the 5 days has passed.

I am looking forward to the weekend.

I am so happy today. HahaJ

In the ‘After effect’ class, I learned about the tracking.

I was synthesized tulips image on the screen of the laptop. It is tracking.



Next the ‘Premiere’ class I tried the cut.

And teacher showed me that premiere’s interesting functions.


Today I learned understanding of editing.

I learned a lot of shortcuts of ‘After effects’.

Ctrl + Alt + T : Enable Time Remapping

Ctrl + Alt + R : Time Reverse

Ctrl + K : composition  I can handle duration

Ctrl + M : Make-up Movie : Render Queue


In the premiere class I learned about key frame.

Teacher said Key frame is just order.

And teacher gave me the assignment.

Assignment is shooting the video for editing.

Which video is funny and interesting?

a13 13_premiere

Last I learned about the difference between Personnel and contributor.

SWOT’s meaning and release form, too.

c15 c13

Today I had many assignments, but I can do until today and I believe in myself. 🙂


Good condition 🙂

I was in good condition today.

I was able to adapt to English class more than yesterday.


In the ‘After Effect’ class we review the yesterday’s course.

So I could master about this step.

And I learned about anchor point key. And I made video using them.


In the premiere class, I learned about only ‘c’ and ‘v’.

Yes, it’s copy and paste. ! 🙂

Teacher said we only used just this two in the premiere.

So I thought it was a very simple program and I want to try.

I look forward to the next premiere class.

20140212_115921_2 20140212_163144

Last was more interesting class with Sheila teacher.

I learned about deadline.

And she said we need to think about why do we make a schedule.

I thought I need to think a lot about this issue.

After lunch I thought about Time management.

And I wrote about why we need to make time schedule.

I thought about the schedule of my website in the future.

So it was a good chance for me to do this homework.

Day2 _ TUESDATY, 11th February 2014

Today is second day.
First class is After Effects class.
Teacher said After Effects is that provide the meaning through the shape of things.

I will able to convey my website’s information to use this special effects.

I was interested in movement texts.
Because I could adjust the movement of the texts !


Next lesson was premiere class.
We learned different video editing function program.

Teacher said Premiere is most generalization program.
And We will make one video each other.
I am looking forward We will each make one video.


Final class is Sheila teacher.

We learned Finance and Funding.
Teacher explained me Finance’s example.
So I could understand more than yesterday.

And then

Today I have to do Funding report.

Day1 _ Monday, 10th February 2014

Today is first day of WKC 2 weeks program.

I met Sheila teacher and other major teacher.
Sheila teacher showed me that what we have to do and plans of two weeks.

First I heard our assignment title.
We create website promoting Seoul to young British visitors.
I have been promote to friend who live not Seoul lately,
I think i can introduce more interesting to visitors.


I had lunch time with friends.

Afternoon, I made wordpress blog.
We learned how to make categories and blog’s theme.

1486702_420496558085219_833445994_n 1912144_420496514751890_1196445034_n

We have to submit Task1 and Task2 until next Thursday.
So I make my plan and I decided complete Task1(6 categories) until this Wednesday.

We asked many questions to wkc seniors.

Their teaching is a helpful to me.


Tomorrow class starts in earnest.
I want to make good experience and good outcome.