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Today I finished the Daehak-ro category.

I wrote information about Daehak-ro and I uploaded some photos.

I introduced Daehak-ro’s streets and Dadehak-ro’s theater.

And if you click ‘Let’s go more information’ button, you can move on site about theater ticket.


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Today I searched about SSamzie-gil more details.
And used it I finished the category about the SSamzie-gil.
I searched operating time , call number and located.
And then I uploaded photos about each floors.
Last, if you click the ‘F’ facebook icon , you can move in Facebook about ssamzie-gil. And you click the ‘Let’s go more information’ , you can move the ssamzie-gil site.

20.03.2014 WIX



Today I made Video about my website.
I had to use Premiere for my video editing.
In addition i used ‘after effects program’ to use letters.
of course, all my friends used both.
After i editing video. i think i have to need some sound.
So i find free royalty site to find.
And i found free royalty music which fit my video.
Then i uploaded on youtube used my youtube account.



Today I updated 9 photos which i can represent my website in the HOME menu.

and i made logo about website. I want simple logo in website so i used just website related color and font. And i update both side in web site.

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And I finished the all ‘How to travel’ categories.
I applied the google map. It was very useful.


Today  I created how to travel 4 categories.
I introduced location to use Google map.
And I provide subway and bus information from official website.
And I made bus and subway icon and change the color.


And I made 3 layout in interesting of Namsan category.

I divided 3 topic in this category. one is love of Namsan, seconds is Namsan way and last one is Night view.



Today I choose 5 colors in my blog.

adfadfadf<-This is my blog concept’s color.

I search various background images.

And I change background style and categories color.


And I postIHWA wall mural village category’s interesting part.

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Today i just upload pictures and make gallery, yet.

I am going to write about this interesting thins tomorrow.