These days copyright law is very important.

Copyright is included all kinds of literature, music, video, movie, sculpture, art and photos.

Copyright is a law that was made in order to protect the copyright of the original author of the photos and videos.

And it is the right to prevent the counterfeiting, modification and sale.

If you want to use copyrighted pictures, you should receive copyright permission.

Acting do not protect the copyright is the act of making the all industry market contraction.

If you use copyright without copyright permission you may have a big problem to pay the fine.



Disney animation ‘FROZEN’

Many people paid the fines for illegal downloading movies in the movie run time.

Walt Disney Studios Korea said strongly against about the act of distributing illegal.

<Correct copyright notation>

-Copyrightⓒ2014 NAME All rights reserved
-Copyrightⓒ2014 by NAME. All Page content is property of NAME
-Copyrightⓒ2014 by NAME. All pictures cannot be copied without permission.



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