Mood Board

I think Mood board can help that the element of variety of colors and textures come together, to complement each other.

Collection of images and text expressing a certain topic or subject is often used for project work.

It is included photograph, color and any kind of shape.
Mood = How do you feel about it (=emotion)
It is important to decide the color your production design.

Red : danger , warning
Green : World, Everything is OK. Free, safety

<My website Mood Board>


My website concept is Seoul’s beautiful and tradition Street.

I want to show both the tradition of Korea and beauty of street of Seoul city to visitors.

I think that visitors want to see tradition and beautiful, too.

So I am going to visit SSAMZIE-gil (Insadong), N-Tower(Namsan), Yihwadong mural town and Seoul Fortress way.

I use dark brown, Crimson, light pink and light green colors.

I think dark brown color is that ancient palace of Korea. So this color can show the most traditional color.

And crimson color is ssamzie-gil’s color and Street food in Korea’s representative.

I think that Light pink color is representative of beautiful color.

Light green color is that Namsan tree’s color and forest color.

It can show clean and nature.


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