Facilities & Location

Facilities & Location


I think facility is office which has a doors, windows and roof like the house, studio, school and office.
And I think location is outdoors which has no roof like street, and park.

Facility location is actually a term used in operation management, facility location or location analysis is done so that the better uses of the location can be understood.
I have the facilities for my project to shoot video or work.
And first I have to know what I need.
I should visit the facilities before I hire or a final decision of contract.
For example

  • Check the whether I can move the equipment.
  • Check the whether the plug is in there.
  • Check the reconnaissance agree to a schedule to other people.
  • Check the whether it is not many people in the facility.

And I have to start after my perception was well recognized that the place.
And then I can find out optimum position for the location of the my office.
The materials will be available at a comparatively low cost.
I can save a lot on transportation cost for materials, labour, import and export.
If facility is perfect I would be able to finish my website project.



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