Personnel & Contributor

personnel : It means that you and your team. In my project  there are designer, programmer, photographer.

Contributor : It means that people who work particular job on your project. But it is not include in your team.

1. Why we need to do a skills audit

You are mission is making complete website.
Then you may have some essential skills for your website project.
If you had the skills to do this job, you can do it use your skills.
And If you can handle perfectly mastered the skills, it would be best.
But you are not experienced at any other necessary skills.
You should help from others who can do it.
So first we check the list what can you do.
Additionally you have to make the skill list what do you need.
And then check out.

2. Why we use a SWOT analysis

First, SWOT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats.
If you fill in the blanks you can know that internal and external side of you.
And SWOT can show you that your pros and cons.
You just strengthen the strength and make up for the weakness.
Finally you can understand the figure of you that you did not know.

3. Why we need a release form for contributors.

Any activity where there is a risk of injury will usually require a release form.
Company will sometimes have employees sign in release forms if work physical activity that involve possible risks or injuries.



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