Time Management


I think Time management is that plan when, where, what to do before you make your webpage.
And it is the act or process of planning.
So this Time management Category is that about why we have to make it.

We have a plan even small thing. Students make a study plan and Teachers make a plan of class.
In addition we plan to take a one-day trip.

Thus, why we make a time management?

– you might have contract with your client. If so you might have deadline for completing your project. And you have to keep your appointment.

Production meeting
-You do not decide all of things of yourself. And you need to help each other. So you have to hold a meeting with your cooperator.

Other asset deadline
– You have to do something before you will begin earnest on your webpage.
Make sure you ready to upload your images, graphics, videos and music.

If you do not make or active your schedule you have difficult with your project.
Besides you probably have a trouble with your client and your career.
But if you have your time schedule you can know how to spend time more efficiency.
So you have to make your story board or simple layout.

Time managemnt graph



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– http://libroatraerclientes.com/2012/07/12/how-time-management-skills-can-help-you-thrive-as-an-affiliate-marketer/

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