Good condition 🙂

I was in good condition today.

I was able to adapt to English class more than yesterday.


In the ‘After Effect’ class we review the yesterday’s course.

So I could master about this step.

And I learned about anchor point key. And I made video using them.


In the premiere class, I learned about only ‘c’ and ‘v’.

Yes, it’s copy and paste. ! 🙂

Teacher said we only used just this two in the premiere.

So I thought it was a very simple program and I want to try.

I look forward to the next premiere class.

20140212_115921_2 20140212_163144

Last was more interesting class with Sheila teacher.

I learned about deadline.

And she said we need to think about why do we make a schedule.

I thought I need to think a lot about this issue.

After lunch I thought about Time management.

And I wrote about why we need to make time schedule.

I thought about the schedule of my website in the future.

So it was a good chance for me to do this homework.

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