Funding sources


I think that funding is a way to gain needed money by appealing to other people.
You should know that planning of investment income. And you should know how much money spending will happen.  If you do not we will be able to make big problem with yours website project. You have to know all plan and things in detail to make perfect result.


  • Ÿ  Providing financial resources to finance a need, program, or project.


  • ŸŸ   Income is earning or receiving money in exchange for work.

1. Being paid to do the job
-You can appeal your website project to the agencies and companies involved in your work.
If the agencies and companies like your project they give the specific amount of money to do the job.
With the money that you have received, you can use it to make your website.

2.Private Funding / Crowd Funding
-These are very similar, with one important difference.
Private funding is that you can get the money to invest your family and friends or surrounding people.
But Crowd funding receives funding from people other than family.
Crowd funding is a type of funding where I can raise money from a large number of individuals through the network and internet and web.
And private funding is whether you want to give some profit to your family after earning money from the project is all up to you.
But Crowd funding has to give some profit to Individuals who gave money.

3. Corporate funding
-Company will give you the money to improve and promote your project.
And it is able to get a percentage of the profits afterwards when a company invest on the product and promote it.

4. Public funding
It is money is generated by the government to provide goods and services to the general public.


  • Ÿ   An amount expended.
  • Ÿ   An expense.

Item of expenditure we need

– By making a website we can give money to people who need it and hire them.
And we can hire people who like photographer, cameraman, programmer, designer, composer for music
and CEO specialist.

– By making website we have to need machine like special camera, scanner and video equipment.

– If someone has copyright on their writhing or music we have to pay for them.

– If we need images and photos for my website we can hire specialist studio.

– If your staff was injured so your staff can not work anymore. You can receive compensation for damages. To do this, you need insurance.

– 20 years ago we have to buy camera and film to take a pictures.
But nowadays material has become digitized. So we don’t need to buy Materials. (Camera is equipment / Film is materials)

– If you want to use others music, photos, film clips you have to purchase the copyright or pay for them.

-We should make videos and graphics to use editing software. And in order to use the various software programs, you have to pay money.

-You will be able to go around special location to create what you need to make web page.
And in this case it will be able to pay to move your heavy equipment and use transportation

-If you cannot keep your studio reservation because of your personal problem you have to pay a cancellation fee and find another studio.

-You can use advertising marketing to inform your site.
You can pay money to advertisement company and people will be able to see your web more.

Item of income we need



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