Day1 _ Monday, 10th February 2014

Today is first day of WKC 2 weeks program.

I met Sheila teacher and other major teacher.
Sheila teacher showed me that what we have to do and plans of two weeks.

First I heard our assignment title.
We create website promoting Seoul to young British visitors.
I have been promote to friend who live not Seoul lately,
I think i can introduce more interesting to visitors.


I had lunch time with friends.

Afternoon, I made wordpress blog.
We learned how to make categories and blog’s theme.

1486702_420496558085219_833445994_n 1912144_420496514751890_1196445034_n

We have to submit Task1 and Task2 until next Thursday.
So I make my plan and I decided complete Task1(6 categories) until this Wednesday.

We asked many questions to wkc seniors.

Their teaching is a helpful to me.


Tomorrow class starts in earnest.
I want to make good experience and good outcome.

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