We have to use music and images in my website and video.

If we use not original sound and images, we consider about how to get others clearances of sources.

There are various agencies or organisations that can assist with advice on obtaining permission for use of copyright material, or in locating artists.

I think that we will be able to receive the assistance of that organization and agencies.

Or I can use Royalty-free site.

<Royalty-free music & background sound site>

a er 캡처

We can use this free site without pay.



Industry code of practice

What Is the Meaning of a Code of Practice?
A code of practice is a set of professional standards or written guidelines agreed on by members of a particular profession or written guidelines issued by an official body or a professional association to its members to help them comply with its ethical standards.

Role of Codes of Practice

  • Code of Practice as is a form of industry self-regulation.
  • Promote good business practices.
  • To provide customer focused benefits beyond the minimum standards.




Legal constraints and ethical guidelines


Before you start this project and contract, remember to know about the legal.

You have to consider that there is a copyright law, release form and public liability insurance etc.

The dictionary meaning of the law is the social norms of state power.

Legal constraints meaning is that your project may be constrained by a variety of licensure and other actions, based on the industry and activities the project wants to pursue.

You cannot to do thing belong to legal constraints like wrongful discharge and discrimination against workers.

And you must to do within the legal constraints that govern them to avoid potentially costly legal breach.
Otherwise you will have to pay a fine.



Today some friends had an interview.
So today lesson was postponed to Friday.
And I hope there is good news to all friends.

I did self study today.
I wrote a description of the documents.
Everett teacher was explained to me the deficient parts to me.
Teacher said detail is very important.
If we write more detail, we can get more score in the report.
So I modified production schedule and budget report more detail.

Teacher said give the feedback to each students.
However there was no time, it is too bad I did not receive the feedback of my blog. T_T

Today was Wednesday. And class was just two times left.
I would like to finish perfectly.

Public liability insurance


Before you start to create project you have to make the insurance.
It is Insurance covering the insured against risks involving liability to person for damages arising from negligence.

If we don’t have a lot of money for compensation we have to make insurance.
Taking out a flexible business insurance policy that includes public liability ensures that your business won’t lose out financially if an accident happens.

In order to make insurance we give the insurance company a certain amount of money.

What level of public liability cover do you need?
Insurance company can take out the minimum level of cover.
However, depending on the nature of your business, you may need more cover.

When the workers are injured you may be entitled to compensation.
When the equipment does not operate, you instead of buying can be entitled to compensation, too.






These days copyright law is very important.

Copyright is included all kinds of literature, music, video, movie, sculpture, art and photos.

Copyright is a law that was made in order to protect the copyright of the original author of the photos and videos.

And it is the right to prevent the counterfeiting, modification and sale.

If you want to use copyrighted pictures, you should receive copyright permission.

Acting do not protect the copyright is the act of making the all industry market contraction.

If you use copyright without copyright permission you may have a big problem to pay the fine.



Disney animation ‘FROZEN’

Many people paid the fines for illegal downloading movies in the movie run time.

Walt Disney Studios Korea said strongly against about the act of distributing illegal.

<Correct copyright notation>

-Copyrightⓒ2014 NAME All rights reserved
-Copyrightⓒ2014 by NAME. All Page content is property of NAME
-Copyrightⓒ2014 by NAME. All pictures cannot be copied without permission.




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saint_fg.0001 SaintBG.tif



Today In the after effect class I learned green and blue screen in the movie and drama.

Usually i was wonder why they use not pink?

Always there are green or blue.

Teacher said It because green and blue color is not common in the day life.

And I learned key light. We decide the color and remove that color background.

I was happy to learn one skills.

And I make this funny video 🙂



I learned ‘WIX’ in the Everett teacher class.

WIX was very simple tool to make web page.

I just add and adjustment the composition of the Website.

And then website has changed as I want.

I can make website very quickly to use ‘WIX’.

It was amazing and  i love it.

Story Board

Story Board


This is my First website home screen.
Top is Title.
Middle is introducing video and bottom is gallery about my website introducing place.


This is about Food category.
I introduce 4 food and information in place you choose.


This form is about that where to go to see interesting things.


This form is How to get there.
I explain the way to go interesting place.

Download File =  Story_Board