Final Report


My project is creating blog which introduce Seoul tourist attraction. However we need two big projects to make blog. There are project to create own blog and pre-production project.

I had pre-production project for the last two weeks. It has funding sources, time management, personnel & contributor, facilities & location, materials and legal constraints. I implied this to every feature in my project.

First most important thing is funding part. I think that funding is a way to gain needed money by appealing to other people.

You should know that planning of investment income. And you should know how much money spending will happen.  If you do not we will be able to make big problem with yours website project. You have to know all plan and things in detail to make perfect result. And we have to think about expenditure. Expenditure is an amount expended. You have to consider people, equipment, licence, studio hire, insurance and copyright. You must think about what you can get and expend money for your website.

Second is Time management. I think that Time management is the plan when, where, what to do before you make your webpage. And it is the act or process of planning. So this Time management Category is that about why we have to make it. We have a plan even small thing. Students make a study plan and Teachers make a plan of class. If you do not make or active your schedule you have difficulty with your project. Besides you probably have a trouble with your client and your career. But if you have your time schedule you can know how to spend time more efficiency. So you have to make your story board or simple layout.

Third is personnel and contributor part. There is a difference between the both. Personnel means that you and your team. In my project there are designer, programmer and photographer. Contributor means that people who work particular job on your project. But it is not include in your team. And we need to do a skills audit. You are mission is making complete website. Then you may have some essential skills for your website project. If you had the skills to do this job, you can do it use your skills. And If you can handle perfectly mastered the skills, it would be best. But you are not experienced at any other necessary skills. You should help from others who can do it. So first we check the list what can you do. Additionally you have to make the skill list what do you need.

Next is facility and location part. I think facility is office which has a doors, windows and roof like the house, studio, school and office. And I think location is outdoors which has no roof like street, and park. Facility location or location analysis is done so that the better uses of the location can be understood. I have the facilities for my project to shoot video or work.  I have to start after my perception was well recognized that the place And first I have to know what I need. And then I should visit the facilities before I hire or a final decision of contract. And then I can find out optimum position for the location of my office. And I can save a lot on transportation cost for materials, labour, import and export. If this all is perfect I would be able to finish my website project.


Next is materials (graphics, motion sequences and sound) part. Material is a very important factor that composed the media of my website. Music, graphics, design, idea, data belongs to the materials. In my project, I need the video that introducing SEOUL’s tourist attractions. And I have to need a music, design and images resources in video. And then I have to check the copyright of the materials. All material is copyrighted. So we are not able to use materials without permission of the copyright holder. I can create materials needed for my website and then I have the copyright, too. However, If you don’t have the skills to create materials. You can hire the personnel who can make materials instead of you. Consequently materials are the essential sources in my website project and video. I cannot complete the website without materials.

Last is Legal part. This part is about any legal problem in this project. Before you start this project and contract you have to consider that there is a copyright law, release form and public liability insurance etc. Legal constraints meaning is that your project may be constrained by a variety of licensure and other actions, based on the industry and activities the project wants to pursue. You cannot to do thing belong to legal constraints like wrongful discharge and discrimination against workers. And you must to do within the legal constraints that govern them to avoid potentially costly legal breach. Otherwise you will have to pay a fine. The most important thing you have to consider is about copyright. Copyright is included all kinds of literature, music, video, movie, sculpture, art and photos. Copyright is a law that was made in order to protect the copyright of the original author of the photos and videos. If you want to use copyrighted pictures, you should receive copyright permission. Acting do not protect the copyright is the act of making the all industry market contraction. Before you start to create project you have to make the insurance.

It is Insurance covering the insured against risks involving liability to person for damages arising from negligence. When the workers are injured you may be entitled to compensation. When the equipment does not operate, you instead of buying can be entitled to compensation, too.

Many things needed to make pre-production for website.

You can find information as search similar with your site. If this all things are perfect match, you could create prefect website. I have to write all situations in detail. Because I think most important things are details. I want to finish my project perfectly use this pre-production project.


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  1. I make documents and web site about promoting Seoul last 2 months. My website projects to young British visitors. And Let’s think how much percent i matched about my result work and plans in this category.


1. Logo 

make logo which fits with my website. This logo is like typography, but  i wanted just simple  symbol design logo. Actually i wanted to express beautiful streets symbol illustration. But i could not find out suitable symbol to articulate, so i created logo to use website title font.

2. Mood Board

adfadfadf Actually i chose 5 color in my plan. But i know i just need 3~4 colors while i created website. So i chose only 3 colors for my website. And i could create site for only these colors. I think i could show clearly to use just 3 colors. And i made perfect color and this colors fits to my website


3. Location Search


Actually i choose the 4 places to create my website. Insadong, sinsagong (garosu-gil), Ihwa mural village and seoul fortress way. But i changed the location search. I went to Insadong’s SSamzie-gil, Ihwa mural village way, Namsan-gil and Daehak-ro. Aactually there were not same with plan which i made in pre-production before. but changed the location, i could introduce more enjoy and  more activity not natural streets.

4. Story Board




6 5

Today I finished the Daehak-ro category.

I wrote information about Daehak-ro and I uploaded some photos.

I introduced Daehak-ro’s streets and Dadehak-ro’s theater.

And if you click ‘Let’s go more information’ button, you can move on site about theater ticket.


3 4

Today I searched about SSamzie-gil more details.
And used it I finished the category about the SSamzie-gil.
I searched operating time , call number and located.
And then I uploaded photos about each floors.
Last, if you click the ‘F’ facebook icon , you can move in Facebook about ssamzie-gil. And you click the ‘Let’s go more information’ , you can move the ssamzie-gil site.